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Curiosity is something very human. 

human looking at multiple doors

Why we do, What we do

Humans always push boundaries to proceed further in our quest to knowledge. RAW-925 wants to push the boundaries to a sustainable fashion industry whereby we aim to act responsibly with our planet's natural resources.

How we do, What we do

We don't believe in large quantities of stock. Large quantities of stock means in our eyes using many unnecessary natural resources. In addition, to avoiding large quantities of stock, we want to guarantee high-quality jewelry you can enjoy for many years. For this reason, when we receive an order, we start making the jewelry by hand using specialized craftsmanship techniques. We need three to five business days to make a jewelry piece. However, most of the time our jewelry is ready to ship within thee business days. We ship directly from our workplace Bali, Indonesia.

What we do

We make long lasting accessible jewelry from durable materials. All our jewelry pieces are one by one handmade through highly skilled craftsmanship. As a result, we only offer high-quality jewelry, each and one of them unique and tailor-made.