925 Silver Bracelet
Our 925 silver bracelet measures a flexible 0.35 inch (ca. 9 mm) square foxtail chain. The silver bracelet is featherlight and very comfortable to wear on your daily adventures. Moreover, you can open and close the bracelet via its box clasp closure with extra safety...
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Wrap Bracelet
Designed for those who want the best of two worlds. Our iconic wrap bracelet has a two-tone herringbone design made of 925 sterling silver and full-grain leather, resulting in an altogether modern look. You can stack this iconic bracelet easily with...
from $194.00
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Dark Brown Braided Bracelet
Our dark brown braided bracelet has a bold 0.8 inch (ca. 20 mm), which creates a fashion statement that communicates a fearless style. Wear our bold leather bracelet on its own or mix and match the bracelet with your other jewelries and accessories. Besides,...
from $120.00
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Rope Chain Bracelet
Our rope chain bracelet has two smaller links on the sides following one prominent link in the center. The silver bracelet measures a delicate 0.4 inch (ca. 10 mm) rope chain design. Moreover, you can open- and close the bracelet via its...
from $152.00
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Braided Silver Bracelet
This one of a kind silver bracelet has a braided design combining zigzag connected chevrons, resulting in a special look and feel. In addition, our braided silver bracelet is a tailored jewelry piece that suits every jewelry collection. Besides, you can open and close...
from $219.00
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