What are the Various Types of Bracelets?

The meaning of the word bracelet comes from the Greek word ‘Brachile’, which means ‘of the arm’, while Greek took it over from the French word ‘Bracel’. Although the term armlet may be technically similar, it means an item that sits on the upper shoulder. Bracelets are generally worn around the wrist. However, you can also wear a bracelet around the ankle, then its called an ankle bracelet or anklet. In all its different styles, qualities, prices and functions, bracelets are one of the most popular jewelry types today. You can easily combine them with other kinds of jewelry, e.g. rings and accessories, e.g. watches. When buying a bracelet, you need to keep in mind the style and for what occasion the bracelet suits best for. 

Below is a list of different types of bracelets.  

A Charm Bracelet is a bracelet that carries personal charms, e.g., gemstones, metals, alloys, beads, pearls etc. Charms can be personalized according to your taste and personality!    

Bangle Bracelets are circular shaped and not flexible. Initially, a bangle is a rigged bracelet, originated from the Indian content made from plastic, wood or glass. Nowadays, bangles are made of many popular materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood and ferrous metals.  

Cuff Bracelets or also called cuffs are similar as bangle bracelets and have an inflexible, circular, oval shape and shaped like a ‘C’. They tend to fit a little looser on the wrist compared to bangles, are usually broader and chunkier and don’t have a clasp or closure. 

In our online jewelry store you will find the following high-quality and on-trend  bracelets for different occasions. 

Silver Chain Bracelets consist of a string of chain links. The size of the links often varies considerably, as do the shapes used to form the chain. Popular chain bracelets include the curb chain bracelet, snake chain bracelet, rope chain bracelet and cubain link chain bracelets. RAW-925 silver chain bracelets consist entirely of 925 sterling silver.Sterling Silver Chain bracelet

Leather and Silver Bracelets combines full-grain leather and 925 sterling silver  to design a special kind of bracelet.

Leather Silver Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Bracelets usually consist of loose round gemstones with a center opening in the middle connected by a piece of string or elastic band. Mostly the gemstones feature colorful options and are designed to stack on top of each other on your arm perfectly. RAW-925 beads bracelets consist of 10 MM round gemstones with our signature RAW-925 sterling silver bead. 

beaded bracelets lapus lazuli 

Leather Bracelets are bracelets made from a weaved or braided leather pattern. In the 18th century, a leather bracelet meant a security symbol. Nowadays, leather bracelets are fashion statements among men and women alike. RAW-925 leather bracelets consist of full grain leather and a sterling silver box clasp closure. 

black braided leather bracelet raw-925 

Of course, there are many other bracelets types. The types bracelets in this post are the most common bracelet types you come across online or find in a store. What are your favorite bracelet types?

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