• 8 Ways To Recognize .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

    8 Ways To Recognize .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

    We explained what .925 sterling silver is and we dived a little bit into how to recognize .925 sterling silver. In this post, we outline 8 ways how to recognize .925 sterling silver jewelry, which you can use right away! 1. Hallmark Test Jewelers mark their jewelry with sterling, 925 or 92.5 to let wearers know that a jewelry piece is made of authentic sterling silver....
  • .925 Sterling Silver; The Basics.

    .925 Sterling Silver; The Basics.

    What is .925 sterling silver? Before we can define what .925 sterling silver is we need to know what silver is. Silver is a precious chemical element that consists of silver atoms. You can find silver as symbol  “Ag” and number 47 on the periodic table. When mixing silver with one or more metals, e.g. nickel or copper, it becomes an alloy. Since silver...
  • What are the Various Types of Bracelets?

    What are the Various Types of Bracelets?

    The meaning of the word bracelet comes from the Greek word ‘Brachile’, which means ‘of the arm’, while Greek took it over from the French word ‘Bracel’. Although the term armlet may be technically similar, it means an item that sits on the upper shoulder. Bracelets are generally worn around the wrist. However, you can also wear a bracelet around the ankle, then its...
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